Book Club Tools

One of the pleasures of novels is learning about different times, other places, unexpected ways of seeing the world.  Setting aside the minor fact that novelists lie for a living, a novel can both open windows, and open minds.

This page might as well be titled For the Incurably Curious, and is intended to help readers in general, and teachers, librarians, and book clubs in particular, explore the worlds of Laurie R. King.

Laurie’s readers are a community, both in person and in online forums.  If you, too, find that the novels stimulate both thought and conversation, here are a few tools you may find useful.  And if you have a book club discussion of one of her books, be sure to let us know!  A report, a suggestion for the reader guides, and photos are always welcome, at

Reader Guides

Book club kits—from my wonderful publisher, complete with recipes, discussion questions, and trivia!

Back to the Garden
Island of the Mad
Riviera Gold
Castle Shade

Book club discussion guides—some questions for you to include in your discussions of my books:

The Beekeeper’s Apprentice
A Monstrous Regiment of Women
A Letter of Mary
The Moor
The God of the Hive
A Grave Talent
With Child
Dreaming Spies
The Murder of Mary Russell
Island of the Mad
Riviera Gold