Fun Projects from Team Laurie

Dreaming Spies invitation

Garment of Shadows invitation

Pirate King invitation










Laurie and her team like to play with ways to build the BUZZ for a new book, or to celebrate National Library Week, or to simply have some fun. The pieces below are printable, in case you want a Pirate King poster on your wall, or a suggestion on keeping calm.

Here you have a few of the team’s favorites.


“The Owl and the Pussycat”

During the pandemic, Laurie did a fundraiser for Bookshop Santa Cruz’s Keep Kids Reading project, indulging in kid-related nonsense—in this case, three versions of it:

1. A beautiful illustrated version of Edward Lear’s poem:
The Illustrated Owl & Pussycat
2. An academic approach to the poem:
The Annotated Owl & Pussycat
3. Laurie reading the illustrated “Owl and the Pussycat,” here or here:

The World’s Greatest Detective

(and her husband, Sherlock Holmes)

This beautiful piece of art was done by Jean Lukens, and is shown here as the cover to the e-book The Mary Russell Companion.

Keep Calm & Call Mary Russell

A motivational poster for any era.

Russell & Holmes travel

all over the world—here’s an origami-style coloring book tracing their voyages.

Beekeeper to Dreaming Spies Coloring Book

Coloring Book Folding Instructions

The Murder of Mary Russell has two

timelines, that of Russell herself in the 1920s, but also Mrs Hudson’s 1870s. Clothing styles changed a bit, in the intervening years.

Dressing Your Lady, 1879 & 1925












Dreaming Spies takes place

in Japan, and was the source of several images and projects.

Haiku Poster

Poem by Laurie, translation by Evelyn Thompson, art by Jean Lukens, design by Bob Difley.

Japan Map

Art by Jean Lukens, design by Bob Difley.

Origami Balloon

Pirate King

also brought out a lot of Arrrt! in people.

There’s a movie poster, naturally.

And a song sheet, so book groups can sing along to “The Major-Criminal’s Song”

Illuminated MyStory (Mary Russell’s War)

“MySpace” is long gone, but the tale of how Mary Russell came to send her memoirs to Laurie King will linger on—especially in these Illuminated versions.