Deadly Anniversaries

A Collection of Stories from Crime Fiction's Top Authors

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Published by: Hanover Square Press
Release Date: 2020
Pages: 512


Deadly Anniversaries is an anthology to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Mystery Writers of America. All its stories—all of them new—are written by Grand Masters or Edgar winners. Laurie has one, too, but she was also instrumental in the collection as a whole, acting as the Publications Committee’s liaison with the guest editors Muller and Pronzini. This is one of Laurie's babies, start to finish.

Laurie’s own tale, “Ten Years On,” is a Mary Russell story set in April, 1925, when Russell and Holmes have returned from their travels to Morocco (and probably Istanbul...) but have not yet started the case that turns into Dreaming Spies. Here, an irritated Russell answers the front door to a Sikh gentleman, who has a problem that requires a detective...


Ten Years On

A turbaned Sikh with a full beard is an impressive sight, particularly when the gentleman in question takes up most of one’s doorway.

Sat sri a —” I caught myself: why give a friendly greeting to an invader? “Oh, for heaven’s sake, what do you want?”

Looking back, I was probably more abrupt than he’d been expecting. I was also considerably more female and far less burdened by years. But then, he wasn’t what I’d expected to find in my doorway at that hour, either. And considering my degree of irritability that particular day, when an anniversary hadn’t gone exactly as I had intended, he was fortunate I hadn’t greeted him with a bucket of thrown water. Or a shotgun.