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Historical San Francisco is seen at the Virtual Museum of SF, the San Francisco History Association, and the California Historical Society

The 1906 quake and fire and pictures of the disaster

The cable cars have some great sites, such as this and this

For Dashiell Hammett’s history and writing, look to PBS

To experience Hammett’s San Francisco, take a walking tour or see here

Download Laurie’s San Francisco Old and New

Laurie’s family in 1906 (pdf)

Blending in San Francisco’s earthquake


A video of San Francisco taken shortly before the 1906 earthquake:

And another of Market Street just after the quake and today:

San Francisco Earthquake and Fire:

San Francisco Earthquake and Fire from Red Channels on Vimeo.

Locked Rooms - Rolls Royce
(Photo courtesy of Ron Kimball studios)

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