“A Venomous Death,” 2009

To celebrate the Fifteen Weeks of Bees and support Independent Booksellers, we ran the following drawing in May, 2009. Watch for a similar project in the spring of 2010, for The Green Man.


Laurie loves Independents. To show her love, she’s giving a limited edition copy of this gorgeous 14×20” broadside about Russell and Holmes (and bees!) to some lucky Independent bookstore customer.

“A Venomous Death” is a 14×20” broadside of an original Laurie R. King short story with a woodcut illustration and letterpress printed by Lavendier Press, signed by both author and artist. It is available direct from Lavendier Press (mlavendier1@cox.net) for $38 (numbered edition, 150 printed) or $125 (lettered edition, only 26 of these.)

Or, you can win one.

Send us your receipt for The Language of Bees from an Independent Bookstore, along with your name and address (email is fine) and you will be entered for a drawing of the broadside (without the obscuring banner, of course) on May 20th, 2009.

If you don’t have a receipt, send your name and address anyway—although since this is intended as a way of supporting my friends at Indy bookstores, I’d appreciate it if you’d buy something of equal value from them.

And booksellers, here’s a PDF version of this page for you to post in your store, to email, or to hand customers.

Thanks, and—we love our Independent Booksellers!

Laurie King
PO Box 1152
Freedom, CA

Or you can email us a scanned receipt.

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