Please, hit me again: a clarification

A point of clarification: Some of you in the comments have cringed in shame at having been the perpetrator of One of Those Letters that have drawn a book’s mistake to my attention. Worry not, I beg you: The problem I have with Those Letters is not in the receipt, but in having been the cause in the first place. I do honestly (really!) appreciate it when an error is brought to my attention. Yes, I kick myself that it didn’t get caught in time for the hardback, but I have a publisher who cares enough to insert changes into the later paperback editions. It is a comfort to know that in the paperback (where, after all, the greater number of eyes wait) the offense is removed.

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  1. Kerry on November 16, 2007 at 2:32 pm

    See what I mean? All graciousness! Thanks, Laurie — I feel much better now. And can’t wait to read Touchstone.

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