Touchstone Tour: Day 1





Same great place: Capitola Bookcafe hosted my first-ever signing, back when St. Martin’s Press was taking a gamble on a new author. The four great ladies of the Bookcafe recently stepped down, but the new owners are every bit as enthusiastic and knowledgeable as you could want. And, as they have every year since 1993, they’ve asked me back.

This time, with champagne.

Let the Touchstone tour begin!

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  1. Sara on January 8, 2008 at 7:09 pm

    How many books do you have to write before they break out the booze?!?

    Many congrats to you on the newest book- I’m having to bounce between school work reading and ‘Touchstone’ and find little desire to return to the former….like all of your books I’ve read, I am drawn in mightily. 🙂

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