Edgars Week, 2008: The Story Continues

Shannon Byrne has posted some pics of Tuesday night’s launch party for The Blue Religion at Mysterious Books, some of which include LRK, at http://picasaweb.google.com/ByrneMediaGroup/BlueReligionBookParty

(thanks to Sarah Weinman for the head’s up!)

Wednesday was lunch with SJ Rozan, a meeting about a MWA project I may be getting involved with, and the annual Agents and Editors party, which I like to go to in order to show one writer’s love for all those people whose names DON’T appear on the cover of the book they’ve worked on.Â

Thursday, half over now, has had two of five events already, including breakfast with World’s Greatest Editor Kate and Super-Publicist Sharon up at the Random House building, then wandering around the Fifties for an hour until I met with Les Klinger and Dan Stashower (who won an Agatha at Malice Domestic this weekend, congrats Dan!) at the ever-amusing, if obscenely expensive, Twenty-One Club. I am now cooling my poor Californian toes (we don’t walk by the hour in CA) for half an hour before the Ellery Queen-Alfred Hitchcock mystery magazines party, after which I dash back to the hotel and change for the Edgars dinner itself. And if I survive that, I’ll stagger around the corner for Otto Penzler’s post-Edgar bash.

 Does this seem the proper life for a person whose most exciting days involve 2500 words on a computer screen?

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  1. LaideeMarjorie on May 1, 2008 at 2:45 pm

    “Does this seem the proper life for a person whose most exciting days involve 2500 words on a computer screen?”

    While I assumed you meant this question to be rhetorical, I say, yes, Laurie, it certainly does! Proper and vital. Getting out of your room (physically and mentally) and hobnob-ing with others who have a similar passion to yours is a great idea for you and for all of us.

    The selfish part of me wants you to have a break and come back to those 2,500 words a day all refreshed, recharged and ready to tackle it all at the top of your game. And it’s New York. Vital, crazy, fun, artsy, outrageous and full of beauty. If you have time (ha!), don’t miss the Courbert exhibit at the Metropolitan. Exquisite.


  2. ladonna on May 1, 2008 at 6:51 pm

    This is Mystery Week indeed — The Booklist REaD ALERT is about mystery fiction this week: http://link.ixs1.net/s/ve?eli=n201775&si=e184908482&cfc=3html

    (Am I a librarian or what? … jeez, I just can’t help myself …)

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