Thanks to the indefatigable efforts of Vicki the Web Maven, the LRK virtual book club will be hosting the official BoucherCon get-together forum.

Love crime fiction? Thinking of writing some? Written it and wanting to get published? Or happy with the status of Reader and envious of people who get to meet their favorite authors?

Come to BoucherCon, the center of the crime universe (at least for four days in October…)

And talk to other crime nuts—er, aficionados
here at the forum.

And, see you in Baltimore!

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  1. LaideeMarjorie on July 29, 2008 at 11:44 am

    “Or happy with the status of Reader and envious of people who get to meet their favorite authors?”
    * * *
    Do you know yet if you are are going to taking part in any of the panels?

    For the charity auction, will you be participating somehow? I understand that some authors will put the winning bidder’s name into one of their books. Oh, to be a part of LANG……..”When they found Marjorie’s body floating in the fetid Thames….”. LOL.

    And, when oh when will there be our VBC/Letters of Mary/All admirers of Laurie R> King get-together be?

    This is my first B’con and I am decided to go because of your participation. So I thank you. And I am sorry if I am sounding so excited. But I AM excited!

    –Marjorie, Status: Reader

  2. Strawberry Curls on July 29, 2008 at 11:53 am

    **rubbing my hands together in anticipation** I can’t wait either, this is going to be fun.


    Status: Reader, lover of mysteries, and fan fiction writer (not aspiring to write for profit)

  3. vicki on July 29, 2008 at 5:04 pm

    Bouchercon is a blast! If you’re a mystery fan, you really ought to attend at least one in your lifetime. It’s very manageable and welcoming for first-timers, too–mystery folks are a nice bunch. You’re sure to meet a lot of great people, even if you don’t know a soul going in. And if you post here, you *do* already know some attendees, so you’re already ahead of the game. 🙂 I hope we’ll see you there!

  4. Carlina on July 29, 2008 at 10:58 pm

    Golly gee I’d love to be there but I can’t. A thousand apologies, but RL won’t allow it this year. I’d love to be there though….and to have a chat about history….that would be priceless.

    Perhaps next year….

    Status: academic writer, aspiring fiction writer, omnivorous reader of mystery with a retention for trifles….

  5. vicki on July 30, 2008 at 12:47 pm

    We’ll miss you, Carlina! :..( We’ll hope to see you at B’con in Indianapolis, though–

    Save the date–October 15-18, 2009!

  6. Matthew on August 5, 2008 at 5:28 pm


    I’m a fan of your novels (especially the Mary Russell series) and just discovered your blog through a link from S.J. Rozan’s site.

    I’m embarassed to say I haven’t read any of Mr. Card’s novels. I will but with just a bit of trepidation now. Like a couple of your posters I’ve worked in a church most of my adult life and am happy to see other church folks posting some wise and compassionate things about gay marriage. I’ve never understood the argument that allowing gay couples the basic rights of married couples threatens the rest of us in any way, and I agree that the messed up attitudes about sex and sexuality in the church owe more to Augustine than to the Bible.

    There’s a great new documentary on faith and being gay called “For the Bible Tells Me So” that looks at issues of faith and sexuality in families as they learn that a child is gay. Bishop Gene Robinson is interviewed at length, as are Dick Gephart and his daughter. I suspect you and posters would appreciate it.

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