Boucher Con 2008

BoucherCon is underway! And I’m here, hitting the ground running (once the car had crawled the way through rush-hour traffic from Dulles to Baltimore—what can I say? It seemed like a good idea at the time I booked it.) with a dinner at the fabulous Pratt museum and a tour of the collection of H. L. Mencken, with Poe looking on. Ruth Jordan and Judy Bobalik, the duo behind BoucherCon 2008, were looking exhausted but relaxed, now that the doors are finally open and the book bags packed and the pre-planning finished. Now just for all those things that crop up along the way—but these two will do it. And if you see a photo of Judy in a purple fur and red sequin tiara, you’ll know where it came from—I told her in an email that she deserved one for the thankless task of programming, and she said she would wear it. Personally, I’d make sure I misplaced it if I were she, the thing is sized for a kid’s head…

But I also got to see good friends and guests of honor Barbara Peters and Rob Rosenwald of the Poisoned Pen and Poisoned Pen Press, respectively, and guests of honour John Harvey and Thalia Proctor, neither of whom I’ve seen for a long time.

But today: moderating an 11:30 panel, lunch with Val McDermid, being on a panel at 3, a web-ster meeting at 4:30, Letters of Mary party at 5, and opening ceremony at 7. And then the bar…

Vicki the Web Maven, who enlivened the table at the Pratt dinner, will pop up on the blogosphere I’m sure, so I’ll let her fill in for me. As you can imagine, I won’t have a whole lot of time to check in.


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