First Draft to Proof: The Language of Bees (5)

This is page four of the original first draft of The Language of Bees. The equivalent pages of the final draft will be posted on Friday, following my guest post at A Striped Armchair tomorrow. (For a bonus, read her review of Beekeeper’s Apprentice today!)



  1. Laidee Marjorie on February 18, 2009 at 8:21 am


    What font do you do these drafts in and is there a reason why? Is it so that the draft has the look of the finished product?

    Thanks again for this glimpse into the workings of your creativity. Great stuff.

    And please tell us that the chocolate cake at the Poisoned Pen was delicisous! It was great of you to be there to support Dana’s launch, even if it meant falling back 20 pages of the next book.


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