Book Passage does it again!

Book Passage has two stores, in a small shopping center in Corte Madera, north of the Golden Gate, and in the historic Ferry Building in San Francisco itself. The Ferry Building reinvented itself a few years ago to become a Mecca for foodies, and the bookstore went hand in hand, with a strong presence of cooking and food-related titles.

And the odd novel, and biography, and history, and…

You get the idea. They have early events there so people can stop in on their way home on the ferries that arrive and leave regularly to cross the Bay, convenient too for the dinner crowd. Whatever the case with those in the audience last night, they were enthusiastic, with a lot of familiar faces as well.

As launches go, although this one was not quite as spectacular as the one they did for Locked Rooms it was great, with wine and good cheer. And, by the way, a fair number of books sold.

Thanks to Book Passage, and to everyone who turned up to join the party. If the rest of the tour goes half as well, it will be time well spent.

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