The final weeks are upon us!

The Fifteen Weeks are drawing to a close, but we still have some of the best and biggest prizes and events yet to come. This Friday we’ll do our first drawing from those who have donated to Heifer International through the Team LRK page, and the lucky donor will win the brand new Bantam paperback editions of Russell books five and six as well as an ARC of The Language of Bees.

Next week, in honor of the 150th Birthday of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, I will announce the grand prize winner and Queen (or King) Bee of the Heifer International drawing during my event with Les Klinger at the San Francisco Public Library on May 21. If you’d like your chance to name a character in Russell X, just donate $60 (the equivalent of two beehives) or more at the Team LRK page before Wednesday, May 20 to be entered in the drawing. And remember, if you do, you will receive Holmes’ beekeeping booklet as well as a special jar of Heifer honey.

(Please note: some people have had to give two separate beehives instead of donating the full $60 at once. To avoid this problem, simply use the box that says Enter Donation Amount Here instead of using the radio buttons above it. If you have donated multiple times, please email us and we will ensure that you receive your gift.)

Also next week, I will announce the winner of the Venomous Death broadside drawing from those who have sent us their receipt for The Language of Bees from an independent bookstore. Anyone whose receipts are received by email or snail mail by Wednesday, May 20 will be entered to win, so send in your receipt today!

And now, as has become our usual habit on Mondays, I direct you over to Mary Russell’s MySpace blog to read the final episode of her adventures and find out whether she and Holmes escape the Sherlockians at last. Watch for a complete and downloadable mini-book version of her tale here soon!


  1. Canzonett on May 11, 2009 at 4:39 am

    Three cheers for everyone who already has donated a sum to Heifer International or is about to do it!

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