A visit with old friends

Sometimes one gets a chance to revisit old friends.  No, this is not a paean to Facebook, but mention of a short story, long out of print, that’s going to take another stroll across the stage in a collection of Sherlockiana being published next month.

The Improbable Adventures of Sherlock Holmes contains a short story I wrote some years ago, “Mrs Hudson’s Case,” about–you got it–a case Mrs Hudson solves.  There are a lot of other great stories there, judging by the list of authors.  I’m not sure when in September the book comes out, but if you’d like to pre order a copy and have me sign it, drop a line to Crossroads Books or order one from Capitola Bookcafe, and I’ll sign it when I’m there.

Which won’t be in the first part of September, because I’ll be in the UK–doing events for The Language of Bees!  Hooray and Huzzah, and all that.  Details will be in the upcoming newsletter.  Which I will write as soon as I finish the non-Green Man’s rewrite.


  1. Jeanne on August 12, 2009 at 12:06 pm

    Just finished The Language of Bees last night, and am so pleased by so many aspects of the novel… as usual, the Holmesian world is just as I remember it, around the corner from where Doyle left off describing it. My very positive review is up today, if you care to see why one reader loved it.

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