Week 2, Twenty Weeks of Buzz

This is week 2 of the

Word is, people look at blogs for a number of reasons. Pure entertainment, perhaps, or simple information is another, or even that ineffable search for human contact among the electrons, a desire for community and like minds.

The idea behind this year’s Twenty Weeks of Buzz is to bring the LRK community together in its anticipation of The God of the Hive in April. Twenty weeks is a lot, but I wanted to post four excerpts of the new book, and I thought I might take a look back at my nineteen other novels, so we ended up with twenty. Next year we’ll probably do eleven, since the 2011 book will be Russell #11.

Anyway. If you click on the logo above, you’ll see the growing Twenty Weeks of Buzz page. How extensive it gets depends on the involvement of you, the LRK reader. If you want do add something, step up and join the party.

And if you click on the other logo down below, you’ll see the contest opening this week, just to drop a little fun into your new year.

Each of the Twenty Weeks will include a drawing or contest. The prize will often be a smaller version of the broadside we did last year, “A Venomous Death,” an otherwise unpublished short story with woodcut print. Either that or a t-shirt from our CafePress store. Later on, we’ll have another illustrated story-broadside, “The Green Man.” We’ll do drawings for advanced reader copies of The God of the Hive, drawings for its hardback in April, drawings for new paperbacks. And contests, for art work and for essays on Holmes and on libraries.

Each Monday we’ll start the week with a note about upcoming events: what the current drawing is for, what contest is opening, what new thing happening.

Tuesday I post an essay about one of my books, going chronologically—tomorrow comes The Beekeeper’s Apprentice.

Wednesday is Mary Russell’s turn, as she posts a weekly episode in her new MySpace tale, “A Case in Correspondence.”

Thursday is for variety, we’ll be changing Thursdays a lot.

And Friday we post Wednesday’s Russell correspondence over here on Mutterings, only in its original look—postal card, scrap of paper, telegram, formal letter, you’ll see it in all its scruffy illegibility.

Okay, there’s your intro to the Twenty Weeks of Buzz. Feeling a little tingle of anticipation? Good! Don’t want to miss anything?  Go here to subscribe to these posts via RSS.

And now here’s the new art project opening this week, which with a click, you can join:


  1. Jessara on January 4, 2010 at 12:39 pm

    As I contemplate the weekly dinner menu, it occurs to me that a sample menu from Mrs. Hudson, with perhaps a recipe, would fit in somewhere. Cheese boards are all very well, but a little Stilton goes a LONG way.

  2. Megan on January 4, 2010 at 7:42 pm

    A recipe/menu thing is a brilliant idea. I bet Mrs. Hudson would be an instant hit on AllRecipes.com.

  3. Kathy on January 4, 2010 at 9:39 pm

    Like the yummy sounding scones…

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