Week Three of Twenty: a Sherlock Holmes contest!

For various reasons too complicated to go into here, the date ascribed to Sherlock Holmes for a birthday is Jan 6, or Epiphany. Every year on a weekend close to that date the Baker Street Irregulars travel to New York (and London—and since some wish to participate in both, the NY and London weekends trade for the honor of being closest to the 6th) to raise a glass (and considerably more) to the Master.

This coming weekend I shall join the Faithful who are gathering in that snow-girt city (oh, why couldn’t Christopher Morley have chosen a day in June!) for the birthday celebrations. I shall be posting about it later, but it being Monday of week three of the

(click on the logo to see all the details) I’d like to announce the contest of the week.

I’d like to hear from you on the following topic:

What Sherlock Holmes means to me.

You may write an essay or letter (maximum of 500 words, extra points for under 250) or conduct a very brief conversation, or do a piece of art and scan it, or… What does this character, considered fiction by most of the world, mean to you?

Send your entry to bees@laurierking.com, and we’ll pick a winner on Sunday (January 17) for a prize of a t-shirt from our Cafepress store or a “Venomous Death” mini-broadside, and post the winning entry here on Mutterings that week.

So what are you waiting for? Sharpen those pencils and that wit, and impress me.


And the winners this week are Donna in Santa Cruz and Kathe in Winnipeg—congratulations, ladies!


The Twenty Weeks of Buzz continues to gather speed, as not one, but two members of the LRK community have burned the midnight oil to craft diabolically clever word puzzles. The first one next week!

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