Lost in the medina

I am currently in Morocco, eating the world’s most gorgeous cooking and wandering the narrow streets of Fes. I’ll post a photo or ten when I return to Lisbon later in the week, but in the meantime, don’t forget that this week’s contest is “My Fantasy Library,” with the description and details here. Send your electronic submissions to bees@laurierking.com, or snail mail them to me (PO Box 1152, Freedom, CA 95019) so I get them by this Friday, April 9, and you could be the winner of the week.

The VBC is talking with Abbey Pen Baker about her clever Sherlockian book, The Dead of Winter, here. And tomorrow, I’ll have a few insights into my venture into SciFi, Califia’s Daughters.

That’s what the week looks like around here. But now if you’ll forgive me, I’ll get back to the souk.

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