BoucherCon Revisited (V)

…but of all the BoucherCons up to 2010, my favorite has to be Monterey, in 1997.  Because it was in my backyard, and I had a new house, I held a housewarming party, for 100 good friends, with beer and burritos.  People drove up, people stopped off on their way down the coast, people came for afternoon tea and stayed to wash the  dishes. This was just before Halloween, so early guests helped me string up skeleton lights outside.  It was warm–as warm as this year’s in San Francisco looks to be–so we spent a lot of time out on the deck.  And because Monterey is the end of the world, some of the guests slept over, before or after the Con, which made the party last that much longer.

It was, like BoucherCon itself, a mad mix of happy people: Harry Keating and his wife, Sheila Mitchell, Val McDermid, Steve Saylor, Dean James–well, a lot of people having a good time:

…a really good time

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