Kids + pirates = ARrrghsome!

How can you not love a place that not only helps kids write, but does so by selling pirate gear, space travel supplies, and spy equipment?

Here in the world of Laurie R. King, every new book is a chance to pay it back, to dedicate fundraisers for projects related to that year’s novel.  In 2011, it’s 826 Valencia, a nonprofit that matches writing tutors with kids ages six through eighteen, and makes it all huge fun.

826 Valencia’s first center in San Francisco has as its theme and its store-front — a pirate store!  That’s right, whenever Mary Russell finds herself running low on eyepatches, Scurvy-Begone®, or lock-picking kits, that’s where she heads.

To encourage you to send them a few doubloons, we’re giving prizes: Ten donors to the LRK site will win inscribed copies of Pirate King. Twenty donors will win a Pirate King “movie poster” for the wall—suitable, as they say, for framing. And one donor will win the chance to name a character in the next Russell & Holmes novel, 2012’s Garment of Shadows. It’s all a part of the celebration of the eleventh Russell and Holmes novel in September, Pirate King.

Please take a moment to donate here.  And: thank you.


  1. Canklefish on August 16, 2011 at 6:19 pm

    I’ve stopped using Scurvy-Begone®, a few years now. These days, I just add a few extra limes to my cocktails to keep the scurvy at bay… 😉

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