The Great PNW Library Extravaganza

Okay, what is it with the libraries in Washington state?  They are uniformly fabulous, with uniformly fabulous people in charge.

They even have amazing names! Take yesterday: I fly into SeaTac and am met by the coordinator of adult programming for Kitsap County, whose name is Chapple Langemack.  We then go to lunch with the manager of one cluster of King County libraries, who glories in the name of Angelina Benedetti.  Is that great or what?

These two ladies fed me the kind of lunch you want to take two hours over, but we didn’t, because I had an event.  At the only library in the country (the world??) built over a river.

That’s right, the Renton library is built directly over the Cedar River, a gorgeous shallow stream that’s wall-to-wall spawning fish in salmon spawning season.  Here’s Chapple and Angie in Angie’s office:

Can you imagine having an office like that?  Would you ever get anything done?  Ever? (She did, I will say, have her chair turned away from the view.)

So I did a very nice event and University Books sold a bunch of books, and I said a whole lot of words there, but I can’t tell you what those words were because I kept thinking, “I’m standing over a river!”  “You people are sitting over running water!”

And then I did a book event on a ferry.

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  1. Chris on March 16, 2013 at 2:32 am

    Dream job in a dream setting!

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