Libraries! Yes!

In case you didn’t open your newsletter (you are signed up for the News, aren’t you?) you may not have seen two Events With Deadlines, both celebrating next week’s National Library Week.

Event the First: A contest.5_books

There’s a complete set of five Martinelli hardbacks with your name on it–or rather, with my name on it, for you–if you interest me the most with your words or images or whatever about libraries.  Yes, write, draw, photograph, video something on the theme:

If a Martian asked me what a library was, here’s what I would tell him.

Send me your piece before midnight, April 19, to

Event the Second: A rarity.

A one-of-a-kind, literally, book is up for auction on eBay, again until April 19:


A first edition, first state  copy of A Grave Talent, once held in the hands, read by the eyes, and housed on the shelf of the fabulous Margaret Maron,mmpublicity2011

that she gave back to me to use for some Good Work.  And here it is, a fundraiser for the California Center for the Book, whose entire purpose is to get people to read.  I wrote it, she loved it, and it can not only be yours, it can benefit the world of books and libraries.  Please, please up the bid: this is a beautiful book, signed by me and, if you like, Margaret.  It is an even more beautiful cause, and I would love to raise a lot of money for the Center.  The eBay page is here, I’d be so happy if you spread the word to anyone who might possibly be interested in any of the above.

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