30 Days until THE BONE OF PARIS…



It’s 30 days until The Bones of Paris, Laurie R. King’s suspense novel of 1929 Paris.

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Pip Crosby’s apartment: possibly the apartment block at 15 rue de la Reynie.


From page 13: Two hours after hed taken Lulu for breakfast (there: hed even remembered her name) Harris Stuyvesant gave a drum of the knuckles to a polished wooden door. The Rive Droite apartment was half as old and ten times as clean as his hotel room across the Seine, and even three flights up from street level, its hallways smelled like money.


Central Paris was enthusiastically–some say brutally–redrawn by Baron Haussmann under Napoleon III in the mid-nineteenth century. The twisted Medieval streets disappeared underneath wide modern boulevards, not only to encourage the flow of traffic and thus commerce, but to make it harder for those revolting peasants to erect barricades against the army (think: Les Mis) The face of Paris now, its wide, tree-lined boulevards and the dignified if indistinguishable apartment blocks, is the work of Haussmann.


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Today image: Repetitive Pattern with a Door, an Umbrella Stand, and a Basket of Flowers (Painting) by Anonymous, French, ca. 1910-1929.  Link for today’s image can be found by clicking here. 



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