25 Days until THE BONES OF PARIS…


It’s 25 days until The Bones of Paris, Laurie R. King’s suspense novel of 1929 Paris.

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From page 49: In the fifteenth century, frescoes were added to the charnel house archways, darkly humorous images with Death as a reaper, harvesting all mankind yet permitting a last playful dance on the way to the pitted earth.



The Danse Macabre seems to have originated at the Les Innocents cemetery in Paris.  From there it spread across Europe, inspiring variations on the theme of the inevitability, and the equality, of Death.


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  1. Margaret W. on August 16, 2013 at 4:01 pm

    I’ll preorder the audio version as soon as it becomes available. Print reading has become too tiring.

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