21 Days until THE BONES OF PARIS…


It’s 21 days until The Bones of Paris, Laurie R. King’s suspense novel of 1929 Paris.

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 Ernest Hemingway


From page 347: Back at the Coupole, a visiting Canadian Stuyvesant had met the week before detached himself from Kikis crowd to head for the pissoir.  Stuyvesant emptied his glass and moved to cut the man off.


One advantage in writing about Paris in the Twenties is that pretty much everyone who was there (and some who actually weren’t) wrote a book about it.  The Canadian in question here is Morley Callaghan, whose That Summer in Paris is a chatty memoir about the weeks he spent schmoozing with writers and artists in Montparnasse, some of which is the same period The Bones of Paris is set in. Callaghan was at the time regarded as one of the upcoming literary greats. Now, he is best known for one episode in the memoir in which he and Hemingway step into the boxing ring – although he does not, as history has it, actually knock the future Papa out.

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