Well-mapped Bones

I love maps.  The Bones of Paris doesn’t have one, but that didn’t stop Team LRK!


(Map from here.)

Want to see the front of Man Ray’s studio?  Or Pip Crosby’s apartment building?  Want to follow Stuyvesant’s walk from Shakespeare & Co to his seedy hotel?  See the view as he muses over the Seine from the Île de la Cité, or drinks coffee on the Rotonde terrace?

The Bones of Paris interactive map, right here.





  1. Merrily Taylor on August 26, 2013 at 2:11 pm

    Oh, that’s VERY nice, Laurie! I remarked to someone recently that as I read the book, I felt as if I was traveling across Paris with Harris – and now I really can! Well done, all!

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