12 Days until THE BONES OF PARIS…


It’s 12 days until The Bones of Paris, Laurie R. King’s suspense novel of 1929 Paris.

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Catacombs, Paris


From page 88: Practical people, the French.  When some long-forgotten quarries collapsed in the late 1700s and sucked buildings and citizens deep into the earth, at around the same time that a huge, stinking cemetery across the river was creating public unrest, the city fathers looked from one problem to the other, and got out their shovels.  


As modern Westerners, we tend to hide our dead, to tidy them away under grass and stone. But across Europe are sites where human bone–a robust substance–is incorporated into works of religious art. Portugal’s Capela des Ossos, the Sedlec ossuary in the Czech Republic, Milan’s San Bernardino alle Ossa, and here, the catacombs of Paris.  The catacombs are still open to the public, with the bones of Paris, or at least, the bones of millions of Parisians, tastefully arranged so as to encourage reflection.


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