Yes, today!


What, you were expecting another day of countdown?


Nope, The Bones of Paris: on shelves in your local bookstore, today.  And if you’re within striking distance of San Francisco, join us tonight for our launch with a French accent.


In the meantime, while you’re waiting for the shops to open, take a look at these:

Pinterest Contest winners

It was not easy.  It never is, judging projects that have been put together by so many talented and energetic people, but this one was really very tough.  I judged on 1) the amount of work in the boards, 2) the thought that went into the pins, and 3) the pins’ close ties with the excerpts given from The Bones of Paris.  And that’s what I got, by the dozen.

If you entered and didn’t win a prize, that doesn’t mean you don’t win my thanks for playing.  I am honestly in awe of you people.  But since I have only one grand prize winner to name, and a limited number of runners-up prizes, I am forced to choose.  Here it is.

The Grand Prize, an iPad mini pre-loaded with my books (including The Bones of Paris) goes to:

Louise Chambers.  Just take a look at her board, here.

And look, too, at the boards of the five runners-up, who win signed hardbacks of The Bones of Paris:

Trish FlettSabrina FlynnBrandi Bailey, Sharon of Faith Hope and Cherry Tea, and Stacey L.

But there were two more that I just had to acknowledge, for different reasons.  Kate Finn, for her clever use of color—start at the bottom of her board and scroll up, watching it go from black-and-white through red and violet to the top. And Mary Achor, who wins special appreciation for being, as far as I know, the first to start a Pinterest board about The Bones of Paris, back in May.

Thank you, everyone, for playing the Pinterest game.


And thank you, everyone, for encouraging me with your enthusiasm about The Bones of Paris.  I hope you love it.


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