A relaxing event

Relaxation isn’t exactly the defining characteristic of this time of year.  But to the rescue comes The Friends of the Santa Cruz Public Libraries. My local library Friends asked me to participate in a fundraiser that everyone can get behind.  Here’s their flyer for the event:


The First Annual

Stay Home & Read a Book

Santa Cruz Public Library


And here’s what I wrote for them inside:

Dear Reader,

Like books?  Love your library?

Come and join us for a wild night of literary revelry!  Or rather, don’t join us, because we’re all going to be cozy at home with a book, a warm wrap, and a glass or cup of a beverage of choice.

That’s right, this is your invitation to a fabulous party.  All the guests will be fascinating, and the refreshments the very best your kitchen can provide.  It’ll take you no time at all to get there, you won’t have to dress up or have your hair done, won’t need a sitter or designated driver.  You don’t have to pay for new clothes, a manicure, or even a bouquet of flowers to take along.

However, every host and hostess appreciates a little gift, even when the invitation is for a fabulous non-event like this one.  So bring your hosts a gift—or rather, send it.  (We’re all staying at home, remember?)  Doing so supports one of the best places out there for a party.

The library is where things begin, where all the fascinating people hang out, where you’re welcomed and entertained and supported at every step inside the door.  The library is where kids learn to read, and to dream.  Where adults go to hunt down information and make contacts.   Where the past lies, waiting for us to learn from it, and the future lurks, waiting for us to find it.  Where DVDs and audio books amuse us and genealogical research and small business courses happen; where people read to your small children or help your older ones with their homework, then teach you how to run your computer or your small business.  And after that, they pick up the knitting needles or glue gun and teach you to create—en Español or English, day in and day out, free of charge.

Oh, and books.  All kinds of books, waiting for you to borrow and carry back home, in time to join the Stay Home & Read a Book Library Ball.

All for free.

So let’s show our thanks to our library, who are hosting the Stay at Home Ball without demanding that we spend a cent on new clothes.  Donations are both tax deductible and heart-warning, ensuring that our library will stay open, and free, and filled with all the riches of the world.

I hope you enjoy the non-Ball as much as I intend to!


Laurie R. King

I suggest that you urge your own library Friends to put together their own (non-) Event, thus doing good both by raising a few dollars, and by providing a small window of relaxation in a hectic season.

Or you could do it in the summer.

If you love libraries and would like to give my particular branch a Christmas present, their page on the (non-) event is here.

Now, back to my book.


  1. Merrily Taylor on December 20, 2013 at 11:02 am

    What a fantastic idea for a library fundraiser, Laurie! I hope it’s a great success (and am seriously considering passing on the idea to my own public library.)

  2. Fran Friel on December 20, 2013 at 11:12 am

    My kind of Gala. I’m in!

    Happy Holidays to you and the SC Library. <3

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