Oxford Story Museum

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I was in England recently, and spent a spectacularly lovely day in Oxford, wandering around and poking my nose into all sorts of corners.  One of which was the new Oxford Story Museum.

It’s an absolutely amazing place, starting here, with choosing your identity at the story boards:

Story boardsThen you admire the Story Loom, a Goldbergian construction that, I was told (and can believe) many visitors solemnly believe is, in fact, a working loom that generated, well, stories:

Story loom

Then come the rooms, each set around 26 Characters chosen by eminent writers as their favorite from childhood.  Such as The Borrowers, whose sub-sink dwelling one can gaze upon:

The Borrowers' HouseOne of those writers? Neil Gaiman, photographed here as his character, Badger from Wind in the Willows:


If you’re in Oxford, put the Story Museum on your list of necessary stops.  And really, you don’t have to have a kid along.

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