A Case in Companionship (4)

In a discussion of how Laurie King came to publish Miss Russell’s Memoirs, “A Case in Correspondence” came to light. This series of postcards, letters, and newspaper clippings culminates with a postcard written by Miss Russell to her new literary agent, Laurie R. King, in 1992: a card that led to the eventual publication of the Memoirs, albeit as fiction.


CinC 20

And the card’s transcription:

19 May 1992

Dear Ms King,

I enclose the attached with the trunk of my memoirs, that you might understand something of its history. The Goodman case shook the Intelligence community 68 years ago. As these varied correspondences show, its effects still reverberate through the corridors of power. Thus, I would strongly urge upon you the solution offered by the Oxford friend referred to in the communications: that this volume be published as fiction. Personally (although our current Prime Minister would disagree) I suspect any readers of my memoirs will be too intelligent to fall for the ruse.

It rankles, to imagine my autobiography being published as mere entertainment, however I agree that in this one case, the world may not be ready for the truth about Mycroft’s organisation.  And if I may make a further suggestion? A whimsical title might be only appropriate. Something along the lines of, The Green Man, perhaps?




For the complete “Case in Correspondence”, 

The Mary Russell Companion is available here.



  1. The Bold Flying Officer on July 12, 2014 at 7:23 am

    Ah-ha … the plot thickens. We have whispers (perhaps cries, even) of cover-ups over here in the UK right now (albeit on a totally different subject). The technique is well known and those from a certain age are adept at camouflage. I await further revelations with interest. Keep up the good work Laurie.
    Mike aka TBFO

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