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In the Company of Sherlock Holmes brings together a mix of people you never thought you’d see writing Sherlock Holmes stories. 9781605986586Such as Andrew Grant and Denise Hamilton:

Dr Watson’s Casebook by Andrew Grant

Frankland shared links to Frankland v Middleton and Frankland v Fernworth, at Court of Queen’s Bench.

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Frankland Two cases, two results in my favour! I WON!!! My case against the constabulary is next. I’ll win that, too! But if the police treated me with the respect I deserve, I’d be helping them, not fighting them. I could tell them where to find the missing convict. I could tell them how to watch the boy who delivers his food every day. But they don’t, so I won’t. Ha!

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The Thinking Machine by Denise Hamilton

Bill often felt like the resident alien at the Landmart Corporation. After earning a PhD in mathematics while barely out of his teens, he’d spent the next decade at a research university dwelling happily in a world of pure numbers. It was a comfortable world where he felt at home,. Numbers were precise and did exactly what they were supposed to. They never let him down, unlike the human world, with its messy emotions and unpredictable behavior. A world Bill was so bad at navigating.

But then math got sexy and guys like Bill who knew analytics and data forecasting were suddenly in high demand.

In the Company of Sherlock Holmes publishes in three weeks, on November 11. You can pre-order a copy from:

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  1. Chris on November 7, 2014 at 6:02 am

    Sadly, no UK edition – on-line UK .com’s say 23rd December for availability over here!

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