Excerpts, contests, giveaways–and takeoffs

I’m off to New York today, so I, a Central Coast native and weather wimp, would appreciate any warm thoughts you can send that city’s way. And if you’re within striking distance of Manhattan, come out and see me on Saturday when I’ll be signing copies of In the Company of Sherlock Holmes, in, well, the company of some of the others: Les Klinger, Michael Dirda, Nancy Holder, and possibly Gahan Wilson. Details here.

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And in case you missed the newsletter that I sent out yesterday (Sherlock Holmes’ birthday, many happy returns of the day) you can still see it here, but the key points are:

Excerpts, lots of them, all from Dreaming Spies, pages and pages of words that will just keep growing over the next ten days, here.

And contests, two of them plus a giveaway: A Russellscape for the visual artists among us, a Haiku contest for the wordsmiths, and for everyone (talented or not) my publisher is giving away a loaded iPad. All those details here.

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And to celebrate the birthday of Mr Holmes, Random House have done a birthday card for the gent.  No violins, but a great deal of affection.January 5 ecard



  1. Merrily Taylor on January 7, 2015 at 7:10 am

    Sorry, Laurie, given the temperature here in western Virginia, I think you are going to be pretty chilly in New York. Wrap up and let the adoration of your fans keep you warm!

  2. Meredith Taylor on January 9, 2015 at 2:26 pm

    Dear Laurie, sending warm thoughts your way in chilly Eastern climes. I definitely recommend adding a wooly scarf to hat-coat-gloves. For some reason it helps more than seems reasonable. (How did I ever survive over twenty-five years in that climate!) And have A Great Time!

    My, Random House is really pushing the boat out, aren’t they. Dreaming Spies is very deserving. I hated to see it end.

    best to all//Meredith Taylor

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