I’m off today to Thriller Fest in New York!2015-website_banner_final-regonline

(—and SO glad I wasn’t flying yesterday, when United Airlines was a parking lot.)

This will be my first time at Thriller Fest, although I’ve been a member of ITW for a long time and I’ll know a fair number of the writers there. This is a conference geared toward craft, with panels on everything from copyrights to character development. My panel (Friday afternoon) is called “He Said, She Said. Did Anyone Listen? Writing the opposite sex,” so I guess I’ll be talking about Harris Stuyvesant and Bennett Grey, and maybe Allen Carmichael. And let’s see, who was that other guy? Oh yeah: Sherlock Holmes.

If you’re one of the Thrillers at the Fest, say hi!

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  1. Merrily Taylor on July 9, 2015 at 7:49 am

    Guess who was flying out to Oregon yesterday to see Alice? Me! I did get caught up in the Great United Computer Crash, but happily was only delayed departing for an hour. Things were mighty tense for awhile there, though!
    Have a great time in New York and say hi to the other FOL’s who happen to be there –

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