Dreaming Spies: the paperback

Two weeks from tomorrow, the US paperback of Dreaming Spies comes out. Because I loved the set of e-cards Random House did for the hardback, I begged their permission to make a few of my own, with other pictures and quotes. Here’s the first one—please feel free to turn it loose among your friends, along with those that follow over the next two weeks.

This kind of fun thing makes me just ridiculously happy.

DS pbk ecard 1 (wheels)

The clock in the image, by the way, is in the Nara Hotel in Japan.  Their web site has a picture of Albert Einstein at the piano (also still their in their reading room) with the clock in the background, over his shoulder: photo_gallery_3_l

The Dreaming Spies book page has excerpts, links to the YouTube channel, and order information, here.

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