Miss Russell’s Brilliant Friends

Many and many a year ago, in a (LR)Kingdom by the sea, we started celebrating various events (new books, Library Week, St. Swithun’s Day) by running contests.20-weeks-of-buzz-copy Some of these involved art, others words. We did crossword puzzles, pirate haiku, Russellscapes, “My Dream Library”—you name it, we’ve done it (next up: videos.)

When we moved the web site this past spring, one of my demands was that these “fan” contributions be preserved. Despite the huge number of bytes all that art took up, despite the need to find high-res files for some of the older pieces, despite the hair-pulling of any number of programmers, developers, and (yes) authors, we kept our hands on all that art.

And now it’s there. Most of it anyway (let me know if we’re missing yours!) and more of it will be added as we locate missing files or fiddle with those we have to make them less minuscule. Take a look at our new FUN STUFF tab on the web sitescreen-shot-2016-10-03-at-9-27-17-ambeginning with the soon-to-be-reinvented Maryorama (the art piece formerly known as Russellscape.)

Some of the art is by Team LRK (ie, me and the Photoshop Guru, Robert). Much of this (my web people had to shift me to a bigger, faster server) is of a printable size, in case you feel like framing a Pirate King movie poster for your wallpirate-king-movie-poster-copy

or printing off some Dreaming Haiku sheetshaiku-poster-dreaming-spies

for your book group.

There are also printable crossword puzzles, some samples of fan cosplay and tattoos, and even the original proposed cover for Beekeeper’s Apprentice that caused the author to quit before Russell’s memoirs even got underway.

And of course, the Maryorama (Russellscape), with a (yes!) contest, for prizes of a complete set of Russells (including the mouthwateringly gorgeous Mary Russell’s War) or some of those printable posters in full size.  The contest is in its last days, since it closes the 15th, so sharpen those pencils, run your mind over your favorite scene from the Memoirs, and get yourself creating.

Or puzzling, or printing, or just enjoying the amazing work of the Russell & Holmes community. Start here.

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