Contests & Giveaways All Over the Place!

We have contest winners!

The giveaway of ALL the Russell & Holmes books

is now closed. [Sorry!]  But the lucky winners are:

…of a signed copy of the US edition of Island of the Mad:

David K.

Elisabeth Simer

Esther Bolick

John Gourhan

…and of the Grand Prize Fab Collection of Riches:

Jean Utley!

Plus that, there will be 25 copies of Island of the Mad going out to Goodreads folk, so yay Penguin Random House!

And the other contest, for Brits!

Today’s the last day to enter this UK-only contest of books-with-biscuits! Toss your name into the virtual hat via Facebookor Twitter.  And no, you don’t have to share your biscuits with the rest of us.

But… I didn’t win!?!

I’m very sorry about that.  But really, it’s okay, you can still get a book on June 12, it’s just that you’ll have to trade some of your hard-earned cash for it.

Go here for your very own copy of Island of the Mad:

US edition—signed, from Poisoned Pen Booksor Bookshop Santa Cruz
Signed (as tip-in pages) from Barnes & Noble
Fromyour local Indie;from Amazon/Kindle;from Barnes & Noble/Nook.
UK edition—from Allison & Busby;from my friends at Heffer’s.
Or the audio download here.

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