SinCing into a Retreat

I’m in Victoria, BC for a retreat with my Canadian Sisters in Crime. Not that they’re all Canadian, because there seem to be a fair number of folk from south of the border. And not that they’re all Sisters, since my friend Jim Ziskin is here (male Sisters are generally termed Misters, in SinC lingo.)

The Magnolia Hotel (and spa, though I doubt I’ll have much time for a massage or cleanse) is up from the harbor a few blocks, and nicely lined with trees—and I love Victoria’s hanging baskets of flowers, all of them on automatic watering systems (as you can see by the puddles underneath.)

I’m talking this afternoon about maintaining a series, which since I have three or perhaps four of the things may end up a mixed message. And as I mentioned the other day, a public event at Bolen Books tonight.

I hope that this weekend you’re in a lovely place with friends, too.

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