A Winner—and a Paperback!

Matter the First: The winner of the four “inspired by the Sherlock Holmes canon” anthologies that Les Klinger and I edited is Isabella T.  And I think Bella’s going to enjoy these dozens of excellent stories, because she said:

OH MY GOD!! Wow thank you sooooooo much!! I’m such a huge fan!

I can’t believe this thank you thank you thank you!

For the rest of you who entered the contest—and especially for those of you who tried to enter the contest and found it had already shut—I’m so sorry, I screwed up, and thought it was still open.  Because of my goof (and your interest) I think I’ll run a second giveaway for these books later in the summer.  (However, if you’re depending on blogs or social media for your notifications, you might want to sign up for my newsletter—which is here.  In these days of Facebook misdeeds and Twitter toxicity, the newsletter is where I’m tending to put my trust.)

Matter the Second:The US paperback of Island of the Mad hits the shelves tomorrow!

My publishers will be running a couple of giveaways for this—one on Goodreads is open now.  The other will be a Book Club in a Box—with multiple copies, party swag, and a letter from me.  I’ll let you know when that one opens up.

And if you’d like a signed copy of this fresh and shiny paperback, ask Bookshop Santa Cruz to set one aside for me to scribble in, next time I’m by.  Here.

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