You, Too, Can Become a Beekeeper’s Apprentice!

The next Russell & Holmes book (Riviera Gold) will be out June 9, five months from today!  So to mark the occasion, today the Community of the Like-Minded Reader is branching out into a new Facebook group we’re calling The Beekeeper’s Apprentices:

It’ll be a free-ranging group, discussing and posting and gossiping about, well, pretty much anything with a vague link to my own writing. Which, you’ll admit, leaves a fairly wide range.

I encourage you to check it out—here.  You’ll need to reply to a pair of really tough questions in order to prove you’re not a bot (Your favorite LRK book? & Do you agree to play nice?) but once you’re in, you’ll find a lot of friends, both old and new.

And you’ll find me, fairly often. It’s where I’ll let you know before anyone else when something is happening, or when I have Advance Reading Copies of Riviera Gold to give away, or if there’s a tour coming up…

So click over here and join me on the BAs!

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