Riviera Gold galley stage

Riviera Gold

…comes a step closer to your hands:

(The ARCs are here! The ARCs are here!)

That’s right, the bound galleys of Riviera Gold dropped into my life while I was down in San Diego, and they’re really pretty. And have a lot of words in them, too!

These copies are for my own giveaway, rather than those run by my US publishers (a UK one will come later on).  But here’s where and when you can sign up for the giveaways:

March 10-17: The Beekeeper’s Apprentices (Facebook group, US only)

March 17-24: The Virtual Book Club, @Mary_Russell, and @LaurieRKing (US only)

March 24-31: News & Nonsense (the LRK newsletter)—world-wide, & SIGNED

March 31-April 7: Facebook  (Author page, US only)

* *

And of course, Riviera Gold (here) is available for pre-order, if you want to show your enthusiasm to my publishers.  Signed from Bookshop Santa Cruz or Poisoned Pen—or unsigned from your local Independent bookshop, (which can really use your business right now), or Barnes & Noble/Nook, or Amazon/Kindle, or as a CD or audio.


  1. TheMadLibrarian on March 16, 2020 at 2:16 pm

    Ordered for our library 😀

  2. Kate on March 20, 2020 at 5:59 am

    Laurie, it looks amazing! So excited for this (and hoping the publication isn’t put back…?)

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