Video meetup

Well, it’s been an… interesting month, hasn’t it? Two weeks ago, I was in San Diego for a conference. Today, I’m not sure any of us will ever travel again…

So, in that spirit, we’re embracing the virtual reach-out. Yesterday I spent a very brisk hour of keyboarding with a chat with the Beekeeper’s Apprentices FB group, and Saturday I’ll join my friends Charlaine Harris and Dana Cameron to talk with the Read For Pixels project to raise money to fight violence against women./

The video chat will be live on Saturday afternoon (my West Coast time) and available later–on YouTube, here.

But in addition, the Pixels project is also offering goodie-bag donations, here. (Mine is a hardback of Island of the Mad, an ARC of Riviera Gold, and a number of mini-posters from various books.)


This promised to be an interesting event, for a great cause. Put it on your calendar, tell your friends, and read more about the Pixels project, here.

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