The Illustrated Mrs Hudson

The 2020 

“Mrs. Hudson’s Case”

Illustration Contest

My US publisher has managed to stick an extra carton of the galleys for Rivera Gold onto a truck for me, which means I can give them away–yay!

So let’s do this:

15 copies of the Riviera Gold ARC 

In a random drawing for those who enter the contest

(Winners, as planned earlier, get a signed hardback in June…

AND the ARC now!)

Riviera Gold is all about Mrs Hudson and what she did after The Murder of Mary Russell (Did you hear that the e-book is only $1.99? Click here for links.) So I thought it would be fun to revisit her first adventure, giving away a short story I wrote way back in 1997. Which has some intriguing insights into the landlady’s true character…

Here’s one of the early submissions:

Any illustration will do: collage, drawing, oil painting, a photo of her tea setting, a recipe for her rock cakes—whatever appears in the story is fair game. Scan it, send it, we’ll choose a few of the illustrations to make The Illustrated Mrs Hudson’s Case. And so it’s worth your while, 15 submissions will get an ARC, plus winners will get an ARC and a signed hardback of Riviera Gold in June. Sound good? Closes May 5, so:

Get art-ing! 

The story, with the contest instructions, are at the top of the page, here.

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