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Well, this has been a week. Ten days ago, I wrote a post here about pouring bronze (a key element in Riviera Gold) but when I went to do a follow-up, marking a week before the publication date, well…

I wrote about it on my newsletter this week (here, if you didn’t see it) so I won’t do it again here, but I will say that I hope you are all safe, well, and not only listening, but hearing ways that we can all make things better.  Events of the past months have made community even more important. I thank you for being a part of mine.

So: Riviera Gold.

I’ve signed a bunch of books, for Bookshop Santa Cruz and Poisoned Pen Books.

They both have a few unsold—or they did when I last talked to them—so you can still order one from them. (links are at the bottom)

But this book’s author events are all either virtual or written. Some are guest posts on blogs and sites—like this Q&A I did with the Rogue Women blog. I’ll post links on my Facebook author page and every so often here on Mutterings, in case you’re interested in what I have to say about “Feisty Old Ladies,” or “Professional Beauties,” or even “Keeping a Series Fresh.”

I’m doing streaming events—two Saturday, first with a group of Sherlockians called the Red Circle, then with Poisoned Pen Books, and on launch night (Tuesday) I’ll be with Bookshop Santa Cruz. (You have to sign up for the Bookshop one.) You can watch the bookshop talks at your leisure, wherever you might be.

Watch for the Riviera Gold Bookclub Kit, here. Recipes, fun notes, and photos, to go with your discussion.

And while you wait for launch day, you can do the Riviera Gold crossword puzzle by long-time friend and cruciverbalist Marjorie Tucker, here. (answers on Tuesday)

Keep safe, keep sane, keep reading…


Riviera Gold (excerpts etc here) comes out June 9, and is available for pre-order (signed) from Bookshop Santa Cruz or Poisoned Pen—or from your local Independent bookshop, or Barnes & Noble/Nook, or Amazon/Kindle, or CD or audio.

Or—the following excellent Indie bookshops will sell you a copy with a very beautiful signed bookplate in it: Book Passage, Mysterious Books, West Portal Books, Third Place Books, and Murder by the Book.

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