Castle Shade Readalong—a Facebook Discussion

New year, new opportunities…new Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes coming soon!

With The Lantern’s Dance going on sale next month, my publisher and I thought it might be fun to hold a Castle Shade readalong, to remind us all of where our dynamic duo are coming from and to set us up for the new one.

So, how will the readalong work?

It’s going to be on my Facebook author page. Every few days I’ll post some catchy passage or discussion prompt, to get things going, but since this Readalong is yours, I’d be happy if you did the same—sharing passages that catch your attention, asking me questions about the book, etc.

There’s no quizzes here, and no specific timeline, since many of you may be reading along and everyone moves at their own pace.  I’ll try to keep things spoiler free as we go along, not giving too much away about later sections of the book for those of you new to the story.

Ready? Pick up your copy of Castle Shade (there’s a gorgeous reading guide on that page, too) and prepare to slide back to 1925, when the Queen of Roumania was having some problems with vampires…


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