Well, the response unfortunately was gratifying, which means I feel obligated to push on with this peculiar form of communication. I have to apologize for past and future oddities, many of which are not my fault, honestly. I work from a Mac, and the Google people who own Blogger seem determined to drive us Macniacs out of our last few working brain cells. Links either refuse to post or take idiocyncratic pathways (the title text, which on my screen gives no sign of a link whatsoever, apparently for other computers links not to the web site as I instructed but back into the blog), spell check buttons appear and then vanish, and as for Atom syndication…

Actually, I have to thank that particular Anonymous for a good laugh, when s/he wrote, “It would be very cool if you would enable the Atom syndicate feed of your blog” etc. You ever see that Gary Larson cartoon of the dog owner scolding the dog, and the dog sitting with his tongue out happily listening to “Blah blah blah blah Rover blah blah blah” ? That’s me and tech speak. “It would be very cool if blah blah blah your Blog blah blah.”

However, I’m good with languages, and know how to use a dictionary, if not a spell check, and if I can figure out the book of Ruth in Hebrew, I can figure out what “Atom syndication” means. So I found it and I followed the instructions and yep, you guessed it, nothing happened. I’ll try again with the Safari program, but unless we’ve got some Mac nut out there who’s been through this and can advise me, expect weirdnesses. Then again, it’s Laurie King, you’ll be expecting weirdness anyway.

And before you suggest tech support, it’s fairly clear, considering the form letter responses I get to my cries for Help (which range from “please please please” to “If you don’t help me I’ll say rude things about Blogger in my posts!”) that there is no support at Blogger, just a machine set to generate patronizing suggestions.

If I change to another service, I’ll let you know–by a posting onto this blog. That’ll show ’em.

Anyway, a couple of things that came up since I posted:
Yes, I’m going to try to post regularly, at least once a week. And when the bumps are ironed out, it’ll probably be a specific day of the week, since I doubt any syndication feed will recognize me.
And no, that erased first post wasn’t an obcenity, it was just me seeing if I could erase a post if I needed to. And I can, or anyway, I could.
Last, thanks for the comments about women and writing, especially Dichroic’s snippet of song. Which I’d make a link to if I could. And Katherine’s remarks about DLSayers, “Or that she didn’t commit what in my view would have been multiple justified homicides,” makes the point exactly, because Sayers gave up her only child so she could get on with her life. Very sad, that.

This particular Muttering seems to have got cumbersome, so I’m going to cut off here and start anew with a new idea. Stay tuned.

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  1. Katherine on February 13, 2005 at 10:06 pm

    About that technology, I consider myself a fairly intelligent woman with the ability to understand complex ideas and terminology. But computers and software absolutely refuse to stick in my brain. I’ve tried manuals and tutorials which reduced me to banging on the monitor and shouting ‘why won’t you work’. I’ve tried having the computer experts explain it to me, which is perfectly understandable at the time but evaporates from my brain within the hour. I managed to somewhat master Word 97 and Windows 98 but the Mac reduced me to a string of obscenities that would make a sailor blush. I’m holding out for a direct brain implant that will miraculously transmit directions to my computer.

  2. Terminaldegree on February 26, 2005 at 7:17 am

    I’ve been using Blogger for about 9 months…and Macs for a decade. Feel free to e-mail if you have a Blogger/Mac question.

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