Uma in India

You would think that, after being married to the man for more than half my life, I’e2’80’99d be used to my husband’e2’80’99s alien view of the world. But every so often, clear evidence that he dwells on another planet manages to take me aback.

Take Uma Thurman. Actress, right? Sleek, sexy, big screen.

A while back my husband was sitting at the kitchen table having a conversation with an ex-student who had gone on to study Buddhism in India, talking about the teachers at the Dalai Lama’e2’80’99s center in Dharamsala, and I heard the student say, ‘e2’80’9cYou know his daughter is a famous actress, don’e2’80’99t you?’e2’80’9d

‘e2’80’9cWho,’e2’80’9d says my otherworldly husband, ‘e2’80’9clittle Uma?’e2’80’9d

Little blond child running through the Indian hills, dashing in and out of the Dalai Lama’e2’80’99s compound while Professor Thurman runs things and teaches stray Americans. That’e2’80’99s Uma Thurman.


There were questions posted here about the Keeping Watch movie and about winning copies of The Game for filling out the survey. Just to let you know, I’m looking into both of them and will get back to you.

And thanks, everyone who made comments about the Scholars Corner page, it helps to have feedback.

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  1. Anonymous on March 17, 2005 at 7:03 pm

    Ok, this do notgo here, but i dont seem to be able to pot it in the right place so please be pacient with me!!!Please!

    Its shameful I suppose to write a comment about something that was wrote a while ago, but writing its not my thing, and as English is not my native language, I apologise in advance for the many mistakes, I’e2’80’99m always afraid to write exactly the opposite of what I mean to!
    It’e2’80’99s about ‘e2’80’9cA Grave Talent’e2’80’9d. You see, I liked the book, I found it imaginative and fresh, supposing that’e2’80’99s the word I wanted to use.
    Something happened, I asked to a friend, after having read BEEK, to find books of Laurie King, and I was served with all books they could find, some of Mary Russell and some not. Of course I was pleased, very pleased, with the Mary Russell’e2’80’99s books, so I move on and read ‘e2’80’9c A Grave Talent’e2’80’9d and it surprised me, because, by the time I found out that Lee was a woman, I already liked the book. I like books that surprise me with something different of the usual thing.
    I may seem prejudiced but, its just a cultural thing, and I live in the Third World or so, lets just be said that I will not have chosen a book to read, in which the main character or the hero, it’e2’80’99s a lesbian,’e2’80’a6 especially if I was staying in a convent by that time (visiting don’e2’80’99t be afraid).
    It had only happen to me once before, with a Daphne Du Murier book, that I do not recall the name, but the heroine, in a chapter or two, fall from a horse and went to a wheelchair for life, I remember that It felt something like ‘e2’80’9cnow what’e2’80’9d.
    Well, as I say I may seem prejudiced but I f you consider that I was pretty young, or maybe, younger, and I loved adventures books, I was going over the Julio Verne, Emilio Salgari, and so on ‘e2’80’a6, that was all very new, as it happen I liked the book very much, I do not remember much of all the others books by Daphne Du Murier but I loved that book, and I will love to read it again.

    It happened more less the same with a ‘e2’80’9cA Grave Talent’e2’80’9d, it has won a place in me and in my bookshelf. It taught me a lot, like respect, for example, and a couple of more thing that it will be to difficult to explain, it has, in a way, broaden my horizons.
    I have read it a couple of times already, so I’e2’80’99m sorry if the Writer didn’e2’80’99t like it much, seems weird, and I’e2’80’99m afraid I do not know who Barbara Peters is, I will have to check that, the Third World thing again’e2’80’a6!
    So thanks for those many books again!

  2. 2maple on March 18, 2005 at 7:37 pm

    This made me laugh. My husband and I orbit through the universe in very different ways. He’e2’80’99s one of the most observant people I’e2’80’99ve ever met; methodical, can fix anything (he can’e2’80’99t help it, its genetics; every other male in the family is an engineer and they are all German!), whereas I tend to go through life on autopilot; very analytical, creative – if I’e2’80’99m focused on something ‘e2’80’a6if not, well, it doesn’e2’80’99t exist. Needless to say, when we were first married this required some getting used to and lead to occasional bouts of incredulity or exasperation…20+ years later, it’e2’80’99s a source of humor I’e2’80’99d miss terribly.

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