Overdue fines

What did I learn in Phoenix?

Temperatures that would slay a wrestler if there was so much as a touch of moisture in the air are remarkably bearable in the desert, particularly when all one has to do is pass through the out-of-doors between one air conditioned space and another. Not sure I’e2’80’99d want to mow the lawn in it.

The only people nicer than the participants at conferences are the people who run the things.

I got the description of pig-sticking right on, in THE GAME. Yep, there was a man there who had actually filmed a traditional pig sticking, and according to him, the red haze that covers Russell’e2’80’99s spectacles happened to his camera lens. Laurie King: channeling the Raj.

Speaking of THE GAME, I thought you’e2’80’99d also like to know that a fellow in Oakland recently returned a book to the library that his aunt had taken out in the summer of 1927, forgotten to return, and through the years, nobody thought to ask if the library due-card in the back was current. Until Mr Jim Pavon was clearing out some cartons of books and came across it. The library has agreed to waive the late fees of $550. The book?

Kipling’e2’80’99s KIM.

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  1. Cornelia on June 19, 2005 at 8:47 pm

    A book truly worth keeping. For more than one life and one generation.

  2. WDI on June 20, 2005 at 3:00 pm

    What a great story. I just recently took the opportunity to read Kim for the first time (I just about memorized the Jungle Books as a child, but missed that one), then to re-read The Game. It was a real treat, and I’m so grateful for the introduction to a wonderful book!

    I’m curious — where and when did Mary learn to ride as well as she does? I just took up the sport (riding English Hunter), and am in awe of her prowess 🙂

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