Laboring on Labor Day

I won’t have a laptop at Bouchercon, mostly because my laptop is so venerable it laughs pityingly at the idea of wireless connections and even Ethernet is but a dream in its little electronic mind. So I’m going to be dependent on the hotel computers, a notoriously difficult state of affairs. Even the Library Hotel in New York had computers that saw me coming and threw a hissy fit, so heaven only knows what those in Chicago’s Sheraton will do.

But I shall try to blog during BoucherCon, and if not, I promise a report as soon as I get back, Or anyway, the next morning.

For those of you who puzzled over the crossword that was in the New Yorker earlier this summer, it’e2’80’99s now on my web site, along with the answers. The winner of the mystery cruise should be announced any time now’e2’80’94thankfully, I wasn’e2’80’99t the one who had to check all the answers.

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