TAoD tour, June 1 (day 1)

This is the split-brained part of a tour, before I’e2’80’99ve entered an airplane but when things are flying about around me.

I started yesterday, with a drive to San Francisco and a tour of nine bookstores with media escort Naomi Epel, who knows all the places to park illegally in the city. I saw the new Cody’e2’80’99s, a gorgeous store, and the beloved and threatened Clean Well-Lighted Place, plus the Borders on Union Square that always has a huge pile of LRK books. And of course SF Mystery books, and Booksmith and two Books Ink and’e2’80’94well, suffice to say, if you can’e2’80’99t find a signed copy of The Art of Detection in San Francisco, you’e2’80’99re not looking hard enough.

The launch event was at M is for Mystery in San Mateo, where Ed Kaufman put out the wine and cheese and the audience politely put up with my first-reading dithers, when I try to remember what the book was about and why I wrote it.

I should also mention that I had dinner-and-a-beer with Lee Child on Wednesday night. Lee’e2’80’99s great new Jack Reacher novel Hard Way was released about a week ahead of The Art of Detection, and Lee is on the road just ahead of me. You can read about his tour on the blog he’e2’80’99s keeping (and see a picture of LRK listening intently) at http://www.leechild.com/bloghardway.html

Today a visit from a passing Aussie step-grandson, a conversation with my contractor (yes, the same one receiving the dedication in Folly) about bathroom cabinets, a (please God) final attack on the contents of the rodent-infested storage shed with the kind boys of 1800GOTJUNK, a shower and hair-wash afterwards, and then to the beloved and triumphal Kepler’e2’80’99s, where I am always among friends.

Nothing like a varied life.

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