TAoD tour day 6

The Cracker Barrel is a chain of restaurants across the South (mostly) that are serious purveyors of carbohydrates. Pecan pancakes, grits (No, really, it’e2’80’99s not polenta under another name. Italians wouldn’e2’80’99t recognize it.), something called potato casserole that is a very, well, solid combination of potatoes and cheese’e2’80’94oh, and don’e2’80’99t forget their biscuits. With honey. Just in case you were interested in Southern cuisine. (They also rent audio tapes, and did an interview with me a year or so ago for their newsletter, I think. Never saw it, but I sure remember the email address of the interviewer.)

As for the hospitality, the South lays it on as thick as the honey on their biscuits. Davis-Kidd is another in the great independents, linked with the Joseph-Beth store that I did last night. I was greeted by a dozen or so of the local Sisters in Crime group, and came away with presents I shall treasure, with the memory of their warm welcome.

Great questions, too. I mean, I can rattle on in any direction with little encouragement, but it’e2’80’99s a great feeling with an audience not only knows what I’e2’80’99m doing and why I’e2’80’99m there, but wants to know more about, well, everything.

Tomorrow, an early pickup and Los Angeles, and the kind of escorts to zoom me through the town, Ken Wilson.

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  1. Sara J. Henry on June 7, 2006 at 2:33 am

    Great presentation tonight – thanks, and thank you for the suggestion about Bouchercon. Next time you’re in Nashville, try to visit the Loveless Cafe (for real artery-clogging Southern food) or the Bluebird Cafe (for up-and-coming songwriters and performers).

  2. Melissa on June 7, 2006 at 3:59 am

    I was very sad that I was not able to attend tonight.I hope you really enjoyed Tennessee, and I hope that if you decide to come to Tennesse again I will be able to go.

  3. Carole on June 9, 2006 at 3:53 am

    I lived in Knoxville once upon a time and David-Kidd has my favorite bookstore (along with Books-A-Million). Italians and their polenta are amusing. Back home on the farm we call it cornmeal mush!! Love it fried!

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